My Pics- A short history of me

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Danny's working lunch
December 1997

Nothing like eating at the wonderful Threadgills. Where all people with can find something good and fresh to eat. Unless of course you came from any culture with a background, then you will find the food bland and tasteless.


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Hair rasing experience
October 1997

This wonderful Vandergraph was running a cool 5 million volts through my body. It seemed to extend my magnetic field to about 3 feet from where I was standing. A friend could move my hair simply by moving their hands around my head. The worst part was the shock given to me upon touching the ground.


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Anthropologists nightmare
March 1998

My friend from work Paul and I go to great lenghts to attempt to explain everything. Unfortunately neither one of us could explain why his glasses suddenly tinted when confronted with a camera.


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Web cam heaven
April 1998

At my previous job at the Texas educaiton network I was blessed to have my work brodcast on the internet. People could check up on me from time to time and even have my computer speak messages to me. Its too bad nobody said anything about the dinosaur about to come to life behind me.


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Purple chinchilla
December 1995

Man this is some good stuff. The purple haze even got to the chinchilla I was holding. After the pic we both just decided to chin chill out and then shave off my goatee.


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Dolphins Jumping

This is what my dreams look like.


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