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Dreams are the fabric which holds our delicate life together. They are our inspiration, our loves, and our fears. Visions are glimpses into the infinte, a taste of immortality, a brush with that which there are no words for.


"Are we looking for God, or just a reflection of ourself"


It is a place that transcends time and space and flows like a river into the great beyond. Meditation is our manifest destiny or maybe more outright modern alchemy. We can now alter our body chemisty in ways that have never been possible before.

Putting consciousness on new levels of being and taking us to the highest highs, while at the same time breaking thru the veil that seems ever present in daily life. In any of these states you can fly off to other worlds, let the ordinary shine in an extraordinary fashion, or just sit in a state where there is nothing but pure uncensored sensation.


"Many times what we search for outside, is often found within"

Somewhere in between the lines of time and space there is a place where you can go. It is where you imagination is your vehicle and the limits of your mind can become limitless. It is this experience, this form of pure love that shows the true nature of humanity and of its possibilites. I challenge you to not assume, to discover for yourself the god within, to find the depth of your own soul. . . your own love.


We are no longer in the garden of eden, for now it is within us and forever there for us to rediscover time and time again. Only time will tell our fate, but no matter what we may think the truth is you can never find out for sure unless you seek it yourself.


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